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The Brief

Pukkapith Content is an online business supporting accountants and bookkeepers in growing their online presence. Pukkapith's client base grew large enough that they determined they needed support.

In searching for a support team, they looked for a Virtual Assistant company that would provide them the versatility of a traditional admin team, along with the strategy of a tech team who could make their App Stack integrate and work seamlessly.

Write Way VA was tasked with updating workflows, automations, and app integrations. Additionally, they wanted us to take on tasks that would allow for content to flow from one platform to the next efficiently. By tasking the Write Way VA team with these tasks, it allowed Pukkapith to remain forward-thinking and creating cutting-edge content serving their audience best, bringing on new clientele.


Online Service Provider

Content Creator

Content Writer

Course Creator

Social Media Specialist

Our Approach

App Stack Integration

Confirm that the apps in use were integrating together to create a seamless process from beginning to end. Where inefficiencies were found, they were rectified through automation steps, using Zapier, and those native within the apps.

Organize and Clarify

Upon further review, it was determined Pukkapith's offers could be organized in a manner that made it easier for clients to find their desired product. Categorizing offers created an opportunity to maximize profitability through more precise engagement.

Administrative Support

With the amount of time Pukkapith offers value to their followers and members, it was essential to create a system of admin support that removed the bottleneck previously evident to Pukkapith.

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The Results

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