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Take Back Control of Your Inbox!

Is your inbox out of control?

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We get so many emails on any given day, let alone the amount during the holiday season. It is easy to not check it for one day and suddenly your inbox is out of control. Then, it becomes overwhelming and becomes easy to just let it continue to build. 

Instead, take back control of your inbox.

  1. You should touch an email once - when you open it, make a decision about it. Does it get deleted or does it turn into a task? If it becomes a task, move it out of the inbox and add it to your to-do list.
  2. Turn off notifications on your phone or laptop for email. You decide when you check your email. If something is urgent, is someone likely to email you about it? No. They will call or text you.
  3. Choose a dedicated time to review emails. Don't let your inbox interrupt your dedicated work hours. Yes, you can choose a time during your "work" day to check email, but not all day long. Your time is more important than the email for a discount on that program you bought on a whim and never use.
  4. Don't store unanswered emails in folders thinking you will go back to them later. Don't move it out of your inbox until your done with it. Once you file it in a folder, that is the end unless you need to access some detail from the email later. 
  5. Create canned responses to use for the questions you answer over and over. Don't keep rewriting responses. Make it easier on yourself.
  6. Set an autoresponder so clients have clear expectations of when to anticipate a response. You want to set clear boundaries. If you start answering emails at all hours, then that's the expectation you create. Make it set that you will respond during your set email time.
  7. Does this email need your response or can it be delegated elsewhere? Is something you should handle, or should you forward it to your VA or partner? Make decisions and recognize your time is valuable.

There are clear ways to take back control. You control the inbox, it doesn't control you!

Download the checklist here to access quick email tips!


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